Chris Moore, a 22-year veteran of the concert business, opened the curtain on CMoore Live, a Boise-based, full-service event management and promotion company. Moore, formerly President of Knitting Factory Presents, will be the CEO of CMoore Live and will manage all aspects of the company. CMoore Live will produce and promote events in arenas, amphitheaters, and PACs all over the country, with a primary focus on the Pacific Northwest.

Prior to his eight year stint at Knitting Factory Presents, Moore worked as VP of Talent with House of Blues Concerts from 2004 – 2007, where he was responsible for bookings within the San Diego market and eventually the Midwest Region.

Moore announced CMoore Live will be a joint venture with Madison-based Frank Productions, a family-based independent concert promoter now in their 50th year. Moore started his music business career as a talent buyer for Frank Productions in 1995 promoting concerts at all levels, from clubs to stadiums.

“I’m very excited to be working again with the Frank family,” said Moore. “Their years of experience and knowledge have benefitted me greatly in the past, and their approach to our business is very much in line with my vision and goals.”

Larry Frank of Frank Productions added he sees the new venture “as an extension of our family-based approach to the business. We’re thrilled to be working again with Chris. We’ve always seen him as one of the top talents in our industry.”

Frank Productions also invested in the highly successful National Shows 2 (NS2), which formed in 2011 under the aegis of Darin Lashinsky. As Fred Frank, Larry’s brother, noted, “The triad of Frank Productions, NS2 and CMoore Live creates an intriguing North American footprint, maintaining and extending our philosophy of strong personal and family-based relationships.”

Chris Moore:
CEO & Talent Buyer

Nick West:
Director of Marketing

Matt Carlson
Production Manager

Craig Varian:
Creative Dept. Head

Steve Abercrombie:
Creative Assistant

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